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May 2014

Special Feature: Fire Detection & Emergency Lighting

Nick Rutter of Sprue Safety Products outlines why current fire safety legislation needs to be updated.

Paul Dawson of ESP looks at how analogue addressable fire alarm systems are providing a solution for premises with more complex system requirements an examines recent legislation.

Extensive product information.

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April 2014

Special Feature: Tools & Workwear

Mark Haywood of Bahco looks at how clever hand tool design is making life easier for contractors.

Graham Godfrey of CK reveals how selecting the right kit can help contractors avoid long-term injury and cost.

Extensive product information.

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March 2014

Special Feature: Cable Management

Jeremey Dodge of Marshall-Tufflex reveals the key to successful cable management specification and installation.

Nigel Leaver of Legrand answers some often asked questions on cable management installation.

Extensive product information.

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February 2014

Special Feature: Test Equipment

Jim Wallace of Seaward looks at how the IET Code of Practice for maintaining the safety of electrical equipment in the workplace affects contractors.

Simon Ward of Megger discusses recent major developments in test equipment and outlines the important benefits that have resulted from these changes.

Steve Dunning of Martindale Electric offers advice on choosing the right tester for the job.

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January 2014

Special Feature: Circuit Protection and Switchgear

Steve Dyson at Hager offers advice on how to specify and install a surge protection system.

Felice Hurlstone of Schneider Electric outlines seven key steps to ensure that medium voltage switchgear is kept in good health.


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December 2013

Special Feature: Network Infrastructures

Ian Wilkie of Brand-Rex explains why the next phase of an organisation's carbon reduction plan can often be found within the network supply chain.

Lee Stokes of Draka discusses demand for higher transmission rates and the future of copper cabling.

PLUS - A bonus feature on lighting.

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November 2013

Special Feature: UPS

Rob Morris or Powervar looks at the problems caused by poor power quality and how organisations should deal with it.

Robin Koffler of Riello UPS discusses the role of UPS as a back up device or 'storer' of energy.

Alan Luscombe of Uninterruptible Power Supplies looks at ways in which UPS energy efficiency can be maximsed.

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October 2013

Special Feature: Wiring Accessories

Jason NG of MK Electric looks at how advances in dimming technology could help boost LED adoption.

Marie Parry of Scolmore Group offers some insight into why modular systems are becoming popular with installers and end users.

Richard Shaw of GreenBrook Electrical draws attention to the dangers posed by counterfeit wiring accessories.

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September 2013

Special Feature: Heating & Ventilation

Chris Stammers at Dimplex explains how contractors can help their customers get the most from electric heating solutions.

Jenny Smith of Vent-Axia argues that poor indoor air quality can be easily improved by installing the right ventilation solution.

Andrew Saxon of Biddle Air Systems looks at how natural and mechanical ventilation solutions compare, plus the need for high quality ventilation in schools.

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August 2013

Special Feature: Microgeneration & Green Technology

Tom France of Schneider Electric explains how smart devices linked to building management systems can help save significant amounts of energy.

Paul Collins of NICEIC and ELECSA asks if the green sector is still providing opportunities to diversify and looks at possible future growth areas.


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July 2013

Special Feature: Lighting

Duncan Chamberlain of Philips Lighting offers some guidance on LED lighting and its potential.

Mike Barrett of GE Lighting charts the evolution of LED lighting and predicts future lighting trends.

Marie Parry of Scolmore Group looks at exterior lighting and key legislation that governs it.

Kevin Norman of Newey & Eyre explains how intelligent controls can ensure that the end user is getting the most from their LED lights.

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June 2013

Special Feature: Security

Atul Rajput of Axis Communications outlines some of the key IP security features that have helped to transform the industry.

Andy Clements of Elite Security Products (ESP) looks at growth predictions for the security sector and offers advice on how to take advantage of the increased demand for CCTV.


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